We are close to finalizing our selections for our anthology, and we can't wait to share the fantastic work of the writers who submitted. Stay tuned for more details about upcoming publication and release.

Here's some food for thought while you wait: VIDA has released their 2011 count breaking down the rates of publication for men and women. Let's talk about it, and about why we still need to talk about it. Read Roxane Gay's brilliant essay on her belief that "we continue having these conversations so someday there is nothing left to talk about but the joy and complexity of the stories we write and read. I want that joy to be the only thing that matters.

Can you just imagine?"

Also, read about one writer's approach to finding more opportunities for silenced writers - Submission Bombers, a group created by Laura E. Davis, with the goal of inviting a group of writers who feel marginalized to submit to a (consenting) publication. What do you think? Would you participate? (follow the link to find out how)



Marc Colbourne
06/13/2012 10:03

I look forward to this important and much-anticipated anthology!
Best of luck to you as you make the final selection.


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